Meet Leah. She loves fiction.

January 22, 2019

Meet Leah. She loves fiction.

Leah is part of the Ready to Work program

She is part of the team that is fueling our social enterprise mission. Leah loves chocolate peanut butter cup ice cream and a good book. She once worked as a surgical technician, and now Ready to Work is giving her the motivation, encouragement, and training to support her comeback. 

Each box of our Truffle Brownies is proudly produced by Ready to Work Trainees at Community Table Kitchen. Every time you purchase one of our gifts, you are helping people like Leah.


Grand Opening! Ready to Work House - Aurora!

Ready to Work house in Aurora. Trainees bake Danconias Brownies.

Providing a year-long apprenticeship, along with housing and case management resources, Ready to Work is revolutionizing the approach to homelessness.
Safe, affordable housing is the first life-changing step in this approach, and RTW is pioneering the way with its unique housing solution. This remarkable facility is a complete campus environment - a former office building converted into dormitory style living. 
Ready to Work Aurora will give adults experiencing homelessness a place to live and work for a year as they start on the path to self-sufficiency.
With TWO Ready to Work homes in CO, there are now 100 individuals on the road to a better life. 

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"It's the little things in this world that can truly make the world a better place. That is what I love about the Danconias company. Conscious giving is where it's at, and they work with Community Table Kitchen to help people that are getting back on their feet and teach them valuable skills for future job placement. Oh yeah and have you ever tried one of their brownies? They are over the top amazing! Next time you need a gift, skip the gift card that will get lost and give a gift that makes a difference, is unique and will make someone smile!" 

------ Daphne Queen, Danconias Giver

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