Top 10 Occasions to Send a Business Gift

July 10, 2018

Top 10 Occasions to Send a Business Gift

Surprise and Delight Clients All Year 

Sending a client gift can be a gesture of gratitude for longstanding business relationships. A welcome gift can build bridges to new business. Either way, the ultimate goal of appreciation gifts is to "surprise and delight". It's amazing the connection an authentic gift can make. So, when is the best time to send corporate gifts? 

We've compiled a list of unique occasions to send business gifts that are bound to surprise and delight…

1. Your Company's Anniversary - Sounds a little odd. Yet, your company's anniversary wouldn’t exist without your client’s support. Right? So, show how much you appreciate them by thanking your clients on your company’s anniversary. On the flip side, take the time to find out when your client’s company was founded and send a gift then. That is bound to impress!

2. Welcome Gifts - When on-boarding a new client or project, a new relationship is being built. Begin the working relationship on a high note - a gift can be a great opener. This will set the tone for a positive working relationship.

3. Your Client’s Anniversary With Your Company - Demonstrate to your clients that they are unique and valued by your company by celebrating their anniversary with your company. Nothing will surprise and delight clients like an unexpected appreciation gift.

4. Closing Gifts - Closing on a property is an exciting time in your client's life. Mark the occasion with a delicious gift they'll be sure to remember for years to come. 

5. Referral Gifts - Are you grateful to a customer for sending you leads? Send a gift of gratitude that will likely open even more doors.

6. New Years - Spread culinary cheer to begin the new year. While most companies send a gift at the holidays, why not wait and send one after the seasonal gifting rush? Odds are, you'll stand out from the crowd sending a bit off the traditional gifting calendar. 

7. An Important Meeting - Go the extra mile before or after an important meeting. Show how appreciative you are that they made the time.

8. Season’s Greetings - Appreciating your business clients during the holiday season can leave a lasting impression. Since it's the Season of Giving, look for gifts made with purpose. Connect with your clients over gifts that empower the greater community. (Hint: Danconias Truffle Brownies!) 

9. Pick a Fun “National Holiday” - Capitalize on “surprise and delight”, there’s nothing like receiving a gift for National Brownie Day, National Just Because Day, or International Day of Happiness.

10. Thank You Gifts - Did someone do something kind or helpful for you? How were you planning on thanking them? Accompany a handwritten note with a gift to show just how delighted you were for their time for a pleasant surprise.


11. Any time - When it comes to surprising and delighting clients and customers, there’s something to be said about sending a gift at any point.

Sending a corporate gift should be a snap. If you or your company need help sending a gift for any occasion, Danconias offers a complementary gift consultation, gift list management, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Email for more information or to set up your plan today.