Welcome Gifts That Matter

June 19, 2018

Welcome Gifts for Clients

Foster Client Relationships With Gifts of Appreciation.

Sending a welcome gift sets the tone for new working relationships and makes an impression they’ll remember. This personal added touch shows your clients you value their trust. It also confirms that investing in your team was a smart move. So, what occasions are ideal for a welcome gift?

Housewarming Gifts 

Complete the home buying experience with the perfect housewarming gift. Finding an ideal home takes a special relationship between realtor and buyer. Show your clients they chose wisely by sending a welcome gift the entire family will enjoy. Clients might also connect with our story of hour our brownies are made by Community Table Kitchen, a social enterprise that works to get individuals back into a home and on track to a life they've always dreamed of.

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 New Network Subscription Gifts

Customers have a lot of choices and they've chosen to join your network. Show your gratitude by sending a delicious welcome gifts they'll devour. They'll remember this added touch when it comes time for renewal. 

New Employee Gifts

Establishing a corporate climate of appreciation goes a long way to ensure job satisfaction and reduce turnover. Set the positive tone from the start with a welcome gifts your new hires will love! 

Employee Gifts Baked With Purpose

Sending a welcome gift is a gesture that will completely brighten someone's day and solidify the customer experience. And, through human nature, odds are this act of generosity will come back to you in a favorable way.

Client gifts with Chocolate Gifts

Our Chief Gifting Officers can help you create a standout experience for your new customers. Learn more about how you can build your business through gifts of gratitude. Contact a Danconias Chief Gifting Officer today!

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