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Handcrafted with Love in a Remarkable Kitchen

Our Partnership with Community Table Kitchen 

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home. Community Table Kitchen is the heart of our hometown—Boulder, Colorado. Community Table Kitchen is a social enterprise that provides culinary apprenticeships in a stable and safe environment. Apprentices establish consistent habits, improve self-esteem, and experience a winning team spirit while learning to prepare the highest-quality confections. 

Community Table Kitchen's workspace is a fully equipped, professional chocolatier's kitchen, gifted to CTK by a very generous donor, and is the perfect venue for crafting gourmet delicacies. Boulder's top culinary talent works in harmony with apprentices, creating a beautiful symphony of gastronomical delights. Chef John, Pastry Chef Amy, and their team work hard to recognize and hone each person's talent and place them in a line position where they will succeed. This culminates in ultimate pride in everything they make...including Danconias Truffle Brownies! 

We're proud to say each of our decadent truffle brownies is handcrafted with precision and love, using only the finest specialty ingredients. It's extraordinary how Boulder's elite culinary professionals work alongside apprentices to create an exceptional and elegant box of treats each and every time.  

Danconias is lucky to be a part of this magical kitchen. We all know brownies alone aren’t going to change the world—but, in our own small way, we can make a difference one truffle brownie at a time.

  Handcrafted with Love in a Remarkable Kitchen