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Elegant Food Gifts for Any Occasion

Fifteen Flavors of Perfection

Delivering decadent treats to your doorstep with the world’s best customer experience, Danconias is revolutionizing online retail brownies.

We teamed up with a world-class pastry chef to create our signature Truffle Brownie recipe—a luxurious union between a fudge brownie and truffle. To this base recipe, we added a variety of sophisticated specialty ingredients like Himalayan sea salt, rich buttery almond toffee, and silky smooth caramel to craft an ensemble of fifteen signature flavors sure to satisfy any palate.

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Simplifying Gourmet Gifting

Our ultimate goal is to deliver a passport to indulgence and memorable experience for your gift recipients—even if that means you. Each of our exclusive gift collections is packaged with precise attention to detail and a carefully curated selection of Danconias truffle brownie flavors. These treats are an elegant, unique way to show appreciation to your employees, boss, family, and friends. Send a Danconias Truffle Brownie collection today and give the gift of luxury.

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Our Guarantee

Danconias is committed to providing an enjoyable, luxurious experience. We stand behind every purchase and every shipment. If you have any concerns about our product, the way it was handled, or the way it was presented, please contact us by phone at (720) 772-1987 or by email at hello@danconias.com. We will do everything within our power to remedy the situation, including replacing the product or refunding the purchase. 

Khaki Fox, General Manager

Khaki Fox brings years of experience to Danconias. From driving the Oscar Mayer Weiner Mobile out of college to managing a surgical practice, Khaki knows exactly what it means to provide excellent customer service and prides herself in doing so every day.

Andy Volkmann, Founder

Our founders, Andy and Janine Volkmann, sampled brownies form all over the United States (they think it was over 25 different brownie companies) and realized something, they didn't really like any of them completely. And thus, the niche for Danconias was found. Andy took his experience working for Enstrom's Toffee and brought his know-how to fully realize his brownie dream. 

After a hiatus, Danconias was re-launched in partnership with Red Idea Partners and Khaki Fox. Red Idea Partners work to launch food startups in Boulder, CO.

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Eleanor Landsbaum, CGO

Eleanor comes to Danconias after graduation from The University of Colorado. Her previous jobs have been in non-profit fundraising and customer service. Eleanor's favorite flavors of truffle brownie are Cheesecake and Cookie Dough. Eleanor’s favorite way to enjoy truffle brownies is on the couch with her best friends. She has found that working at a truffle brownie company has increased her friends’ desire to spend time with her.

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