Grow Your Business Through Gratitude

May 08, 2018

Grow Your Business Through Gratitude

Connect With Clients on a Whole New Level

Ever wonder how you can cut through the noise and grow your business in a way that traditional marketing doesn't? Consider this...

  • You understand the power of sending thank you cards to grow your business.
  • You also know that it costs more to attract new customers than retain the ones you already have. 

Could the answer be as simple as sending a tasty thank you gift with just the right message? Our Chief Gifting Officers will simplify the process and allow you to enjoy the applause. 

truffle brownie box wrapped gift

The Power of Appreciation

Think about the last time you received a thank you present for your hard work. You paused, opened the gift carefully and read the beautifully written message. Perhaps it created a wonderful moment in an otherwise hectic day. You felt special, appreciated. It also planted a seed - creating a new connection and loyalty to that person or business. The sweet act of thanking your client can capture the moment, while building your business. Danconias truffle brownies are the tastiest and simplest way to do just that! 

Chief Gifting Officers with truffle brownies

Find Your CGO

You want to send appreciation gifts. Yet, finding time to make this happen is a challenge. Put your "Chief Gifting Officers" to work! As your CGOs, our goal is to make gifting seamless and delicious by:

  • Creating a customer retention/referral strategy
  • Executing your gifting plan - complete with gift message and logo 
  • Managing your gift list
  • Flexible arrival dates
  • Volume discounts

We would love to work with your team! For your complimentary gifting plan consultation and a truffle brownie tasting, contact us at or 720.772.1987 (No apron strings attached!)


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