Celebrate Dads.

June 04, 2020

Celebrate Dads.

Celebrate Dad.

He's Your Personal Hero.

In June, we honor all the SUPER Dads, Grandpas, Father's in Law and Special Role Models. 
Thank you for all that you do. 

Order NOW so your special gift arrives in time for Father's Day!
June 21st: Father's Day 
Order by 1pm June 16th.
Celebrate June Anniversaries
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Check in With Chocolate.
Colorado Escape Collection       Choc. Wonderland Collection
Our 16 Piece Truffle Brownie Collections

Thank You For Your Support.

Father's Day Brownie Gifts Made in Boulder

Now, more than ever, we appreciate your support of our
life-changing brownie business.

Each gift represents opportunities for people (like our amazing men)
 seeking a hand up to a better future

We are so grateful that we can provide meaningful work to our
Ready to Work trainees during these challenging times.

We're excited to take good care of your Sweet June Gifts.

Whether you'd like to send truffle brownie treats to Dad
or a nice anniversary surprise to your spouse,
our team will create a special gifting experience.