Spreading Culinary Cheer

June 05, 2018

Spreading Culinary Cheer

The kitchen is the heart of the home and food is the lifeblood. The same can be said for the office breakroom. It's the place everyone wants to congregate, mingle, catch up ... all over culinary delicacies.

The goal of sending a corporate gift is dual pronged; making an impression, and improving on an existing relationship or creating a new one. When sending a corporate gift, sending a gourmet food gift makes connections in a way that other branded merchandise cannot. Food gifts give people something to gather around. In a break room, co-workers can congregate and take a moment for themselves to grow relationships within their organization.

In addition to augmenting a client’s work environment, sending a delicious gift can foster connections between you (the sender) and your recipient - growing an existing relationship or creating the ties to a brand new one. Either way, clients and customers alike will think more positively of you and your brand when recalling the gift.

Sending your client on a delicious tasting journey is a great way to engage a customer's entire team in a fun foodie experience. Learn more about sending a decadent box of gourmet truffle brownies on the Danconias Business Gifting Page.